Providing love, care, and companionship when you can’t be there

Human–canine bonding is the relationship between pets and humans.

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We at Mutts & Pups Treat Your Pets Like Family.

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Proudly serving Union County and surrounding areas."

About Us

Hello, I’m Sergio! With a background that’s a bit different from your average pet caretaker, I bring a unique set of skills and experiences to the table. I proudly served as a Detective for 27 years, where attention to detail and a strong sense of responsibility were my guiding principles. This past summer, I ventured into house-sitting and discovered a new passion. While my clients enjoyed their vacations, I took great care of their homes, ensuring both security and comfort. But that’s not all – as a dog lover, I also provided loving care for their furry friends. My dual role as a vigilant house sitter and affectionate dog caretaker truly sets me apart. Whether you’re looking for someone to watch over your home, your pets, or both, you can trust in my unique blend of professional vigilance and personal care.

At Mutts & Pups, we specialize in top-notch pet care services. While we also offer house sitting, our primary focus is ensuring your pets receive the love and attention they need in your absence. Our house sitting is an additional service, offered to ensure your home is cared for just as well as your pets.

Our Services:
A Commitment to Comprehensive Care

At the heart of our mission lies a profound dedication to the well-being of your pets. We understand that they are not just animals, but cherished members of your family. Our suite of services is thoughtfully designed to cater to every aspect of pet care, ensuring your peace of mind and their happiness and health.

Round-the-Clock Care

24-Hour Services: We're here for your pet at any hour

Pristine Playgrounds

Poop Removal Services: Keeping your yard clean and hygienic.

Universal Pet Care

Not Just Dogs: At Mutts & Pups, we care for all animals, offering specialized attention to each one's needs.

Safe Journeys

Pet Transportation: We provide transport to vets, airports, doggie daycare, groomers, and more

Health and Happiness

Medication Administration: Ensuring your pet's health and wellness.

Customer Testimonials

Discover the experiences of our satisfied clients and see how our services have made a difference in their and their pets’ lives.

"Sergio loves animals and he is a great care giver by nature. Sergio is a role model to his community and you will be hard pressed to find a more compassionate, trust worthy or loyal person."

Edward C

"My dog took to Serg the moment he laid eyes on him! I chose Sergio because I thought he could handle the power of my Otis. Serg did not disappoint at all. Thank you."

Lisa S

"Sergio looked after our goldens and he was wonderful. He was patient with our rambunctious giant puppy and gentle with our older golden. We received updates about or dogs which gave me a lot of peace of mind while we were away. He was attentive to details about our dogs needs. Such a wonderful experience knowing our pups were in good hands."

Indira T

"Sergio has been watching my dog while my family and I go away for years. Every-time she sees him she gets so excited. I know my dog is always safe with him !! He keeps in touch and always sends updates ! Sergio is an excellent dog walker and sitter !!"

Kayte A

"Sergio, is fantastic with pets...He loves & treats them as his own...He is also experienced in caring for all types of animals; as he has had many in his own household & also throughout his childhood...I would definitely recommend because he'll take care of them like you would....."

Rosa M

Pricing plan

Discover our tailored pet care solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your furry friends. From leisurely walks to comforting overnight stays, our services are crafted with love and diligence.

My Home Doggie

$60 per day


  • Full-day daycare (9am-5pm)
  • Feeding and walking pets
  • Additional fee for oral medication administration, special needs, or dogs with disabilities
  • Large dogs and commute travel time may incur additional fees
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Dog Walking

$30 per walk


  • 25 minutes walk
  • $35 Holiday Rate
  • $10 additional per Dog
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House Sitting in the Client's Home

$100 per night


  • $125 holiday rate
  • $10 each additional dog
  • Overnight stay
  • Feeding pets breakfast
  • Morning walk
  • Optional lunch and dinner visit for 24-hour service
  • Additional fee for oral medication administration, special needs, or dogs with disabilities
  • Large dogs and commute travel time may incur additional fees
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Dog Boarding

$80 Per Night


  • $90 Holiday Rate
  • Pickup after 12pm is an additional $40 charge
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  • Dog Poop $60 per dog
  • Clean Up $80 (2) dogs $100 (3) dogs
  • Cat Sitting: $30
  • Cat Boarding: $50
  • Includes Kitty Litter Cleaning & Feeding
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Welcome to our FAQ section, where we aim to address your most pressing questions and concerns about our pet care services. Whether you’re curious about the specifics of our dog walking routines, the advantages of hiring a professional even if you work from home, our overnight pet sitting services, or how we ensure the security of your home during our visits, you’ll find clear and concise answers here. Additionally, we cover topics such as our dog boarding policies and how we manage pets with separation anxiety. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your beloved pets are in capable and caring hands. Explore our FAQs to learn more about how we can support you and your furry family members with love, care, and companionship when you can’t be there.

Our walks are paced after your dog’s speed. We will follow a route they lead us on, but will also take them on new routes so they can experience new scents. At the end of the walk we will spend a few minutes inside making sure they have fresh water and giving some love and pets before heading out. We will follow any commands your dog is used to and follow safety precautions avoiding all other dogs.

Great question! The easiest one to start with is you might have meetings you can’t get out of when your dog needs to go out. Especially without a fenced yard this can make planning your day difficult. If your pup has a lot of energy or requires a lot of attention, hiring a professional dog walker dog walker is a great solution. Your dog will love the routine of having their walker come each day (they often start to wait by the door or window waiting for us!), they get to build a new bond and friendship, and you can have a more relaxed day knowing your dog is getting the care they need.

Yes, Choosing a service company like ours, you get personalized care for you pets where they feel safest- in their own homes! Less stress and anxiety and more comfort! It will also ensure your home is watched and cared for while you’re away giving extra peace of mind. My dual role as a vigilant house sitter and affectionate dog caretaker truly sets us apart. As a retired law enforcement officer, you have peace of mind that comes from knowing you, your pet, and your home are protected

At the consultation before beginning service, you provide us with a set of keys to your home, which we label by pet name, and have no identifiable info linking it to your residence. Keys are kept in our secure office, and checked out as needed. In addition, we ask that you provide any gate or garage codes in advance of your first visit.

Yes, at the present moment we board one dog at a time in our home. The Dog has full access to our home with no restrictions.. The Dog must be fully potty trained no exceptions.

This is a big one. Dogs that have separation anxiety may, bark, potty in your house, chew things, not eat, not be able to sleep through the night, destroy things (i.e. claw at door), whines. ..they may do a few things or all of them. These dogs require 24 hour care and constant supervision. Additional fees may be added.

Yes, call or text anytime. We offer as much phone support and pictures as you like while your pets are in our care.

I gladly accept cash, VENMO & ZELLE

Yes, we have specialized insurance – specific to pet sitting, dog walking and house sitting.

"Providing love, care and companionship when you can't be there"

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